Lose Weight=Meditate

How it Helped

Barbee before

“I have now lost over 80 pounds and 60 inches. (Off my bust, waist, stomach, hips, thighs, calves, and ankles.) Sorry now that I did not measure my arms when I started.    

Nothing more needs to be said.”  
I also got off my blood pressure medication due to the healthy eating and weight loss. (Nov. 2009)

I have been able to get in smaller jeans that I haven't gotten on in over 5 years in just a short time by drinking my water. I keep it near me all the time. I went to New York over the holidays and lost 2 pounds instead of gaining 10. I only took small bites of things instead of eating the whole thing. It worked great.


I found that after the class about balance I have been able to eat just a small amount of chocolate instead of the whole box and buying another and putting on 40 pounds last year. I got a box of See's from a friend and ate it over the holidays a little at a time and haven't bought another. Thanks!

I went out to eat at my favorite place for waffles and chicken and only ate 3/4 of the waffle and only 2 chicken wings. I didn't even want the rest to take home and it was not planned that way. 

This has been the best information I have ever seen. It helps us learn what our own body reacts to and why we keep the weight on, even when we think we are eating the healthy foods. If you follow the plan, you can lose the weight and you are really eating a lot of good healthy food, but only healthy for your own body.

                       Try this one to help through meditation!  


The "Itty Bitty Weight Loss Book I used with the class I took to lose the weight and then also took her class to get my Hypnosis Certification. 
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